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> Styled Versus Standard Wheels

How can I tell whether my rims are:

"Standard Steel Wheels"      Versus  "Styled Wheels?"

HUBCAPS mount to
Standard Steel Wheels

which are made of stamped and welded steel, a magnet will stick to it. They are usually black or silver, but  may be painted any color, or may even be chrome plated. They usually have holes of various  shapes to reduce weight, sometimes in shapes to mimic spokes.
Standard steel wheels always have a continuous recess around the wheel where the bead of the tire seats, which is 1-3/4" deep. Measuring shown below. The valve stem arises from the bottom of this recess. You should be able to put your finger to the depth of its second joint near the valve stem and make a full circle around the wheel at that depth.
This recess is where the hubcap mounting struts or clips are able to mount by pushing out against the bead area of the steel wheel.  The red marks on the oblique views below indicate the outer surface of this recess that must be present for hubcap mounting.

Standard Steel Wheels Examples

Wheelskins mount to Styled Wheels

Styled Wheels are made of either aluminum alloy or steel. They are usually painted gray or silver, or may be chrome plated. They usually have some sort of spoke design that extends out to the edge of the wheel.
Styled wheels do not have the continuous recess around the wheel necessary for regular hubcaps to mount into.
The pictures below are some examples of the many styled wheels out there.
If you recognize your wheel in one of the pictures below, click on the link to go directly to that Impostor model page.  If not, go to our Chrome Wheelskins page and then click on your make and model.

Wheelskins were designed as chrome covers to dress up styled wheels that need chrome, or that have become dinged, rusted or corroded, as fancy rims are wont to do.

Styled Alloy Wheel Examples

Toyota Standard  Steel wheel
Steel Wheel
Chevy Standard
Steel Wheel
Black Steel Wheel
Ford Explorer
OEM Ford Explorer 16 inch alloy Wheel, no chrome wheelskin hubcap
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Jeep Grand Cherokee Styled Wheel without Chrome Wheelskins Hubcaps
Steel Wheel Picture at left shows how  Hubcap Mounting Clips slide into the recess around the standard steel wheel marked by red on all the oblique views Ford Taurus
Styled Wheel
Pontiac Grand Am
Styled Wheel
Older Standard Steel wheel
(1970 truck)
Older 1970s Steel Wheel
Oblique view.
Steel Wheel
Chevy Blazer-S10
OEM Chevrolet Styled Alloy Wheel, no chrome wheelskins
Nissan Pathfinder
Nissan Pathfinder styled steel wheels

Toyota 4Runner
Steel Wheel
4Runner Oblique view
Steel Wheel

Styled Steel Wheel

Toyota 4Runner
New stock Toyota styled steel wheel, no chrome wheelskin


Nissan Titan
Nissan Titan styled steel wheels
Ford Escort
Steel Wheel
BMW Standard Steel wheel
Steel Wheel
Ford F150-F250
OEM 17inch Ford styled steel wheels, no chrome wheelskin
Subaru Forester
Styled Wheel

Dodge Caliber 17"
17 inch Dodge Caliber Black Steel Wheel
Toyota Steel Wheel
Honda CRV
OEM Honda CRV Steel Wheel, no hubcap
Dodge Ram
Dodge Ram 1500 stock OEM 17" Styled Steel wheel, no chrome wheelskins

These pictures below show how Hubcaps and Trim Rings mount into the recess shown above.

Hubcap with plastic mounting struts.
needs 1.75" deep recess to mount
Hubcap with Metal Clips
needs 1.75" deep recess to mount

Stainless Steel or Chromed Steel Trim Ring,
with 360 retention tabs, (1.75" depth),
needs 1.5" deep recess to mount

Chrome Plastic Trim Ring
with metal mounting clips (1.75" depth),
needs 1.75" deep recess to mount

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To determine the right size hubcap for your wheels, read it off the tire.